Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A million things to do and I start a Blog!

I must be nuts or going that way. But I tell myself if I establish a blog I can publish the internet address and this way my friends can tune in to me as they like and I can cut down on my email correspondence. I'll try to keep this current with new posts as frequently as I can. Tell me what you think.

Here we go!

This blog will be the way I keep in touch with friends and family as I take up my new adventure in the Peace Corps and travel beyond. Where I go from Bulgaria is very much an open question right now, but I am learning that many PC volunteers choose to stay in Bulgaria after their tour of duty. The price of real estate cannot be beat and it seems that many English, in particular, are flocking to Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has a lot to offer with respect to history and culture. This was (and still is) a strategic region between East and West.

Talking to PC headquarters yesterday I found out my three month training stint may take place in Pajardjic or Stralja. Pajardjic is about 100 km from Sofia, the capital. From what I gather the population is around 100,000 so I will not feel stuck in the sticks. Plus it is easy to get to Sofia.

I will travel to Philadelphia around August 6 for two days indoctrination and then leave from JFK on August 8. I'll be abord a Delta flight arriving August 9th in Sofia after a stop in Paris. In Sofia our group will be met and treated to a welcoming dinner before we go to our training town where there will be more official receptions and greetings by locals. The Bulgarians are very formal, something I will just have to get used to.

The business environment is also formal so I have to wear a suit to work. Not looking forward to that I can tell you. Working in high tech California companies ruins one for dressing in suits.