Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jump to the present

I am resuming this blog after nearly two years of neglect. Why the lapse? Well I was separated from the Peace Corps for medical reasons following a mini-maze operation in early 2005. Resuming my Peace Corps assignment was out of the question.

After my surgery I traveled to Eugene, Oregon where I recuperated at my cousin's place for two weeks before traveling on to San Diego. The rest of 2005 I would like to forget since I had a very rocky recovery and spent time in the hospital on several occasions before having a procedure in the fall of 2005 that finally stabalized my heart problem. Feeling fully recovered, after lots of research and preparation, in October 2006 I moved to Mazatlan, Mexico where I lived for six months and then moved on to Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico where I now live. After I get reoriented to how Blogger works (the software is much improved), I will continue to blog from here in Xalapa.