Saturday, January 22, 2005

Seema named 1 of 50 people to watch in San Diego in 2005

Seema Sueko

Critics have been raving about this talented young actress- playwright ever since her stage debut last summer in the lead role of the Old Globe’s The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow. Sueko subsequently showed another side of her talents when she debuted both a play she had written—Remains, about the death of a peace activist in the Gaza Strip—and Mo‘olelo Performing Arts, a company she started for fellow Equity players. Top of the list this year for Sueko, an American Muslim, is to broaden the audience for theater, which she believes “needs to exist in the context of the community".

Quoted from San Diego newspaper.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Socialist Realist Art in Razgrad

This winged statue is a prominent feature of the main commercial district of Razgrad, but I don't care for it although I find a lot of sculpture done in this style interesting. Who am I to complain? What I know about sculpture would fit in a teacup, but this statue just does not appeal to me. No, that comment is too kind. To be brutally frank, I just cringe when I look at it and I'm not sure why. There are lots of statues in Razgrad, in fact this is one aspect of the place that makes me like it here. Most of the statues I admire. It is just this one that my eyes avoid when I pass by.